Environmental problems.....

P&P Environmental Services Corp. will conduct research projects on specific environmental problems and the use of renewable energy, addressing those issues that affect day-to-day lives and health of people and wildlife in these communities. This research will be the basis for developing educational materials.  Each year, the Board of Directors, with the advice of technical and public policy experts, will approve several issues for research projects. For example, these topics might include Illegal dumping and littering both degrade communities and natural ecosystems, energy production and habitat restoration, low-chemical agriculture, and ozone depletion.

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Initial study .....

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P&P Environmental Services Corp. initial study will focus on littering and illegal dumping, particularly looking at possible collection programs, and the effects of such waste at beaches, & waterways that are littered or illegal dump sites and hazards for our aquatic species and mammals and monitor the conditions of rivers, lakes, and streams


Cleanup in process